Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Tms Omaha

About your welfare and I said at the top of the show or just when we started the interview at one point in someone’s lifer I think one out of four Americans atone point in their life suffer from mental illness oh this is very prevalent Melissa tell us about you have other behavioral health programs there in addition to what you guys have already articulated yes we do we have many support groups at the hospital that are offered as free of charge Wednesday evening we offer a cancer support groups.

well as a grief support group and this isn’t just for patients this is also for families to attend following that evening we have aftercare for every patient who’s been in either one of our programs all these support groups are facilitated by a licensed counselor weave recently partnered with Tammi the National Alliance for mentally ill and we offer support groups every other Tuesday at our hospital as well alright well thank you both for joining us we really do appreciate you for the time and once again Liz congratulations.

yes you may now turn on your cell phone you’re good to go you’re in the clear because I know if she contacted you you better answer I’m just saying it alright thanks to Orange Park Medical Center for sponsoring this segment for more information you can visit orange paramedical com you can also contact the Behavioral Health Unit at all the information right there on your Tms Omaha but that a powerful speech in I was college sophomore looking for a job at Ball State University I got a job working as an orderly on a psychiatric unit at a local hospital now I had no interest in mental illness or psychology was a chemistry major.

I have to tell you I was a little bit concerned about working on a locked unit with people that I would designate at the time as crazy I was so concerned integrated Healthcare about this that I asked my roommates at the time to let me know if they saw my personality changing or my behaviors changing as a result of working on this unit I apparently thought mental illness was contagious it’s not I have to tell you that was a life-changing experience I saw things that I just couldn’t believe and the result of it was Gained a passion to find out why it is that these things.