Best 50 Tips For Hair Transplant Denver

From the centre of the forehead eight yours was nine yeah so we used roughly around twenty-five twenty-six hundred just in zone one typically we use about then we use about another thousand-eleven hundred towards the back okay one two very nice density it was really good your head keep in mind it’s swollen okay this one it’s swollen it’s all fluid inside Oh chocolate looks amazing this.

Hair is going to Hair Transplant Denver come down the next few days okay we calculated your doubles your triples and your singles altogether you have over nine ten thousand pairs today with the percentages that you have it’s basically going to cover the first half of your scalp and your zone three and four you already have coverage yes now the plan is to make those stronger and for you to keep it as long as you can try do you like it or do you love it I love it I love it sounds enhancer sounds good can so we had a few more hours mm-hmm basically the next phase you’ll be sitting upright watching a movie on demand at cartoon, not cartoon action movie drama.

Comedy whatever you want to watch a few more hours and we’ll call it a day afterwards okay okay we’ll see you tomorrow for a follow-up this looks alright congratulations and thank you guys I appreciate those guys apologies are getting a little wet its okay looks absolutely fantastic how long did you say you’ve been wanting to do this so how many years is that seven years seven years and I finally find the right place thank you so much appreciate your kind thoughts really looks really good bring your chin up for me we’re just gonna do a nice fun big like run roll what do you think you like it these surgical markets will go away in the next few days the hairline will come down even lower right on the left side you like it yeah awesome pleasure having you today thank you I appreciated you know that onion juice.