Should Fixing Liposomal Vitamin C Take 60 Steps?

That is derived from soy but Liposomal Vitamin C derive it from other sources and one that we use is organic sunflower lecithin which doesn’t have any of the side effects of soy that I just previously mentioned now another crucial factor is to make sure that the supplement manufacturer is really high quality and we spent many years developing our Somalia vitamin C and one of the primary reason reasons is that we had to identify it evaluate the top manufacturers out there we finally settled on caps gel which incidentally is.

The biggest manufacturer of capsules in the world and nevertheless though my team and I personally went down to this facility and examined the plant confirm it met our high standards and actually you can see some video footage of that trip further down on this page now one of the other reasons we selected camps gels they also have a patented unique way of sealing their capsules and they named that like apps now this process basically seals this capsule without a band and creates a shell that is far more resistant to air entering and they actually use a material that is very different than.

The gel cap that you would see in vitamin E so this combination of processes really eliminates the air from entering this is important because air contains oxygen and the oxygen can cause the nutrient to become seriously damaged become oxidized in the case of vitamin C it becomes virtually worthless as it loses its ability to donate electrons so remember vitamin C is an important antioxidant that is essential to many important functions in your body especially collagen and bone building it serves as a major electron donor in your body’s battle against oxidation it helps maintain optimal electron flow in your cell so if you fall into the at-risk category for.